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Cam’ron and Ma$e Playfully Share Insights into Their Past with Lil Kim and Foxy Brown After Dirk Nowitzki’s Crush Confession


In a recent revelation on their sports talk show “It Is What It Is,” Cam’ron and Ma$e responded to NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki’s admission that Lil Kim and Foxy Brown were his ’90s crushes. Cam’ron, with a mischievous laugh, suggested that both he and Ma$e may have shared intimate encounters with the iconic female rappers. Nowitzki’s crush confession prompted a lighthearted exchange, with Ma$e jokingly affirming Nowitzki’s ratchet taste in women, stating, “Dirk’s one of us!” The banter continued as they playfully acknowledged Lil Kim and Foxy Brown as part of their shared history.

Dirk Nowitzki, the famed NBA power forward, candidly shared his ’90s crushes during a recent episode of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All the Smoke podcast. His acknowledgment of Lil Kim and Foxy Brown sparked enthusiastic responses, particularly from Foxy Brown herself, who expressed her appreciation on social media. Foxy responded with love for Nowitzki, adding a humorous touch to her reaction and engaging with fans.

However, Foxy Brown found herself in hot water recently after fans assumed she was defending Diddy amid multiple sexual assault allegations, which he vehemently denies. Foxy shared screenshots of messages between her and a man named Darryl Brown on Instagram Stories, where she seemingly praised Diddy for the collaboration between Def Jam and Bad Boy. The responses from some fans expressed concern about her apparent defense of Diddy amid serious allegations, with comments suggesting she had been groomed and questioning her stance on such issues.

The playful exchange between Cam’ron, Ma$e, and Dirk Nowitzki, spurred by Nowitzki’s crush confession, adds a humorous twist to the ongoing discussions about ’90s hip-hop and the celebrities who shaped that era. Meanwhile, Foxy Brown continues to navigate public scrutiny, facing criticism for her perceived support of Diddy amid the serious legal challenges he is currently confronting.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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