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Cardi B Addresses Concerns Over Mental Health After Heated Online Exchange


Earlier this week, rapper Cardi B found herself embroiled in a heated dispute with internet trolls, which led to concerns among her fans about her well-being. During this exchange, Cardi posted a now-deleted tweet on X (formerly known as Twitter), saying, “I just wanna put a b*llet in my head.” Her comment raised alarm, and fans immediately reached out with worries about her mental health.

Cardi took the opportunity to address her comment during a recent livestream, reassuring her supporters that she’s taking the necessary steps to protect her mental health. She explained that she can be very outspoken and candid when she feels overwhelmed, sharing thoughts and emotions that can be intense. She said, “When I burst, I’m very outspoken…when I have one of my bad moments I will literally get here and curse out everybody and fcking be like, ‘I want you to die, btch, I wanna die. I don’t give a f*ck.’ Because that’s just how I be feeling at the moment”.

Cardi elaborated on her feelings during the stream, revealing that the overwhelming online negativity led to her emotional response. She noted, “I was just very overwhelmed yesterday [and] I was just very sad…when I got home I just started seeing so much — I just started paying attention to so much sht that people were saying about me, and all the funny sht about me. I just started getting upset about it…I just wanted to burst”.

However, she ended on a more optimistic note, sharing that she was feeling a bit better. She also announced that she planned to take the next day off to relax and spend time with her friends. Cardi values her friends as a source of emotional support and comfort, and being around them typically uplifts her spirits. The concerning tweets followed a heated exchange that started when an individual criticized Cardi B, suggesting she was not a hard worker. Cardi responded with harsh language, which ignited a back-and-forth with others on social media.

While Cardi’s initial tweet raised concerns about her mental health, her subsequent explanation and plans for self-care indicate her commitment to managing her emotional well-being. Mental health issues can affect anyone, including public figures, and it’s essential to address and support individuals in these situations.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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