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Cardi B Issues Warning: Threatens to Unleash Shocking “Receipts” on Internet


Cardi B, the Bronx rap sensation, has taken to Instagram Live to issue a stern warning to her “haters” and adversaries, cautioning them that she possesses potentially devastating “receipts” that could send shockwaves through the internet if they continue to provoke her. In her impassioned message on Monday, Cardi B expressed her desire not to disappoint her fans by maintaining her professional persona, but she cautioned that her more confrontational side, whom she referred to as “Belcalis,” was lurking beneath the surface.

“I will bring this internet into shambles, I’ve been trying not to disappoint my fans by being Cardi B, the professional,” she stated. “But Belcalis the demon, it’s really close to coming out, and I don’t want that because I don’t want to disappoint my fans.” Cardi continued by warning her detractors: “I will say this: people love Cinderella until Cinderella gets a glass house. To my haters and those of you who want to see drama, leave me alone. Because I come with receipts. I have receipts, years-old receipts”.

She emphasized her readiness to reveal these receipts, stating, “I have receipts on all of you. And I will bring this internet into shambles. It will be crazy. So let me keep it cute. I have matured. Keep me there. Because this will go down. I will land a helicopter in this place. Facts”.

Cardi also made it clear that these are not mere claims: “And I won’t just say it out of my mouth. I literally have real receipts with dates. So leave me alone because you all won’t be ready for that. You won’t be ready for anything. Let me mind my business. Let me keep working. Let me be a mom. Let me keep putting music out”.

While Cardi did not mention any specific names during her rant, her statement comes shortly after leaked footage from a 2018 Kanye West documentary, in which he made controversial comments about her being an Illuminati-backed industry plant designed to “replace” Nicki Minaj. In response to Kanye’s remarks, Cardi tweeted a clip from his 2022 interview in which he praised her, suggesting that their relationship was positive. Cardi captioned the video with a simple love heart emoji.

This warning from Cardi B follows recent controversies and rumors that have swirled around her, with the rapper seemingly prepared to defend herself and her reputation against any allegations or provocations that come her way.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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