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Cardi B’s Thrown Microphone Auction Concludes with Jaw-Dropping Price


The eBay auction for the microphone famously hurled into a crowd by Cardi B has concluded, raising eyebrows and funds alike, while casting a spotlight on an incident that led to a police investigation.

The Shure Axient digital microphone, launched into the crowd during an event at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, has fetched an astonishing final bid of $99,900. What began as a modest starting price of $500 soon transformed into a heated bidding war, amassing over 120 bids within a span of just one week.

This seemingly ordinary microphone carries an extraordinary story. As previously reported, Cardi B had playfully invited the crowd to shower her with water during her performance, only to be taken aback when an unexpected combination of ice and liquid came her way. Frustration culminated in her throwing the microphone into the audience.

The incident didn’t end there. A woman in the crowd, allegedly struck by the microphone, reported it to the police, prompting Cardi B to be named a suspect in a battery case. However, the artist was exonerated of any wrongdoing by authorities the following week.

The auction itself was facilitated by The Wave, the production company that owns the microphone. The company’s owner highlighted the charitable aspect of the auction, revealing that the proceeds would be channeled to two noteworthy causes. The earnings are set to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization dedicated to supporting veterans, and Friendship Circle Las Vegas, a local charitable entity.

Cardi B’s microphone throw, though originating from a moment of frustration, has now transcended its initial context, capturing the attention of music enthusiasts, collectors, and those seeking to make a positive impact through charitable contributions. The remarkable outcome of this auction reinforces how even the most unexpected incidents can take on new significance when combined with compassion and a touch of star power.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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