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! Cassie’s Friend Tiffany Red Speaks Out on Diddy’s Disturbing Behavior: A Shocking Revelation Unveiled


As the legal saga between songstress Cassie and music mogul Diddy takes an unexpected turn, shocking details are emerging, revealing a disturbing side to their past relationship.

Earlier this month, Grammy-winning songwriter Tiffany Red, who developed a friendship with Cassie in 2015, released a compelling open letter directed at Diddy. The letter followed the bombshell lawsuit filed by Cassie against her ex, citing multiple instances of body trafficking and abuse throughout their over-a-decade-long relationship, which concluded amicably within 24 hours of being filed.

In her open letter, Tiffany Red stands firmly by Cassie’s side, recounting her personal experiences as a witness to the traumatic events detailed in Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy. Red, who was co-writing an unreleased album for Cassie, expressed her fear for her safety and decided to break her silence, revealing her identity to the public.

Red vividly recalls her first encounter with Diddy at Cassie’s 29th birthday party, where she witnessed the music mogul’s seemingly playful yet intimidating behavior, expressing displeasure with songs written about the relationship troubles. However, the turning point was when Diddy became irate over Cassie’s decision to leave her birthday celebration for karaoke, leading Red to realize that “something was off”.

According to Red, she found Cassie backed into a corner in the hallway outside the karaoke room, with Diddy berating her and security surrounding them. Red discovered that on that night, an intoxicated Diddy allegedly made Cassie engage with male escorts in what was described as a disturbing “Freak-Off”.

In a recent interview, Red elaborated on the harrowing experience, revealing that Diddy had hired sex workers to have intimate encounters with Cassie while he watched and directed them. Recalling Diddy’s derogatory words towards her, Red expressed her realization of the danger posed by the music mogul. As the shocking revelations unfold, Tiffany Red’s open letter provides a chilling insight into the disturbing dynamics of Cassie’s past relationship with Diddy. The details raise concerns about the power dynamics within the music industry and the need for accountability.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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