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Christian Keyes Addresses Harassment Claims Amidst Speculation Over Tyler Perry


Actor Christian Keyes has stirred controversy after sharing details of his experiences with sexual harassment and assault throughout his career. In a recent livestream, the 48-year-old actor alluded to a Black male Hollywood executive who has been allegedly harassing him since 2005. While Christian Keyes did not explicitly name anyone, social media speculation pointed towards renowned filmmaker Tyler Perry. However, Keyes later seemed to deny Perry’s involvement in the harassment.

During the livestream, Keyes revealed that he began discreetly recording the inappropriate encounters as evidence, intending to take the matter to the police. The actor/model claimed that the individual in question, described as “powerful,” offered him money to undress and even attempted to get in bed with him, stating, “I don’t want to touch you, I just want to see you naked.” Keyes declined the offer, emphasizing that he refused to compromise his integrity for financial gain.

While Keyes did not explicitly name his alleged abuser, he mentioned that people would recognize the individual’s voice once they heard it. Additionally, Keyes made a cryptic remark about not watching a documentary, leading some to speculate that he was referring to Tyler Perry’s recent documentary release, which delves into Perry’s life story.

Christian Keyes rose to fame, in part, through his involvement in several of Tyler Perry’s stage plays. The actor and Perry collaborated on various projects around the time Keyes claimed the harassment began. Keyes is also the creator of the BET series “All The Queen’s Men,” where Tyler Perry serves as an executive producer.

Despite initial speculation pointing towards Tyler Perry, Keyes seemingly contradicted this narrative by liking a tweet that argued Perry was not the one who harassed him. The tweet suggested that Keyes was a victim, violated by a gay billionaire with Perry not being the alleged perpetrator. This has added a layer of complexity to the unfolding situation, leaving followers intrigued and questioning the true identity of the accused harasser.

As the controversy continues, it remains to be seen how Christian Keyes will proceed with his allegations and whether further details will emerge regarding the individual involved in the alleged harassment.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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