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Columbus Short Under Fire for Controversial Remarks on Black Women


Actor Columbus Short, known for his role in Scandal, is facing backlash after making contentious comments regarding Black women’s attitudes towards men during an appearance on the Unqualified AF Podcast.

Short, 41, stirred controversy when discussing his experiences with relationships involving Black women versus those with women of other races. He asserted that Black women lack respect for Black men, contrasting them unfavorably with women of different ethnic backgrounds.

In his remarks, Short suggested that women from other cultures are taught to prioritize caring for their partners, emphasizing traits like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. He insinuated that Black women fall short in these areas, stating, “You don’t even know how to cook, I’m not saying that’s all Black women.”

The actor’s comments prompted a swift and strong response on social media, with users expressing disappointment and condemnation for perpetuating negative stereotypes about Black women. Some criticized the podcast host for allowing such statements to go unchallenged, adding fuel to the fire of online discussions.

This is not Short’s first brush with controversy, as he previously faced domestic abuse allegations from his ex-wife in 2014, leading to his departure from Scandal. Despite his troubled past, Short’s recent comments have reignited scrutiny and condemnation from the public, raising questions about accountability and respect in discussions about race and gender.

Written by
Derek Chan


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