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Comedian Kym Whitley Reveals Unforgettable Encounter with Gerald Levert and Mo’Nique: ‘And the Bed Broke!’


In a surprising revelation, comedian Kym Whitley shared a shocking story during an interview on New Orleans’ top-rated radio station Q93. Kym disclosed details of a romantic encounter involving herself, the late R&B legend Gerald Levert, and fellow comedian Mo’Nique during the 1990s. The story unfolded as Kym talked about her past relationship with Gerald Levert, revealing that he had secretly pursued Mo’Nique on the side.

One fateful night, after leaving a club, Gerald managed to charm both Kym and Mo’Nique into joining him in his bedroom, which reportedly had a mirror over the bed. The singer allegedly took turns sharing intimate moments with both women. However, things took an unexpected turn when the bed couldn’t withstand the combined weight of Gerald, Kym, and Mo’Nique.

Kym also mentioned that her friendship with Mo’Nique deteriorated over time, primarily due to Mo’Nique’s suspicions that Kym was pursuing her husband, Sidney. Kym vehemently denied any such intentions and emphasized her commitment to not interfering in relationships, even though Mo’Nique had been Gerald’s side chick for several years.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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