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Controversy Strikes Lakers: Allegations Against New Head Coach Surface


The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves embroiled in controversy following the appointment of their new head coach. Halleemah Nash, a Black woman, has come forward with shocking allegations against former NBA player JJ Redick, claiming that he directed a racial slur at her during their time as students at Duke University. Nash took to social media to express her dismay, stating, “I’ve only been called the N-word to my face by a white man once in my life, and it was on the campus of Duke University while I was doing work with the basketball team. And today he was named the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. What a world.”

Redick, the all-time leading scorer for Duke University’s men’s basketball team, has had a successful career in the NBA, playing for 15 seasons after being drafted 11th overall by the Orlando Magic in 2006. Despite his basketball accolades, Redick’s coaching experience is limited to volunteering with a 4th-grade boys’ team. Nevertheless, the Lakers signed him to a lucrative four-year contract worth approximately $8 million annually.

Prior to the racism allegations, Redick’s introductory press conference as Lakers coach did not go smoothly, with his responses raising eyebrows among reporters. While many speculate that Redick’s close relationship with Lakers superstar LeBron James played a role in his hiring, Redick vehemently denies such claims.

As the Lakers organization grapples with these troubling accusations and Redick’s contentious start as head coach, the spotlight remains firmly fixed on the unfolding drama surrounding the team’s leadership.

Written by
Derek Chan


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