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Dame Dash Opens Up About Financial Struggles and Child Support in Candid Interview


In a recent interview on the America Nu Network program The CEO Show, entrepreneur and former music mogul Dame Dash discussed his financial challenges and the reasons behind his child support issues. Dash spoke with Dr. Taje Moreno, shedding light on the current state of his business endeavors and how they have impacted his ability to meet his child support obligations.

Dame Dash acknowledged that while he is involved in various investments, they may not always yield immediate profits, making it difficult to maintain the same level of child support payments he could afford when his earnings were more substantial. He highlighted that his financial situation cannot be assessed based on the income he generated two decades ago, as his current ventures are still in the process of becoming profitable.

He explained, “I’ve had to start a new company from scratch, without any money to start it with. I had to do it by rubbing two sticks together. So I can’t pay out three or four hundred thousand a year in child support because I ain’t making that. But I’m not ashamed of that because I have things to show for it, but it hasn’t profited yet. I’m like a proud broke, but it ain’t broke, because I have things to show for it.”

Dame Dash also mentioned that his child support payment level had initially been tied to his ownership stake in his ex-wife Rachel Roy’s fashion line, an equity that he claims is now controlled by someone else.

He further elaborated, “So I have to now start a new company, without any working capital. So I had to flip. So while I’m doing that, it’s like, ‘Yo, [Rachel] got the money I was making — [she should] pay the bills. But you can’t be mad at me and make me feel bad if the money that I had to give the kids, you got, and you still expecting me to pay that while I’m investing and losing money for years.”

Dame Dash’s child support issues garnered significant public attention in 2019 when he was arrested for allegedly owing substantial amounts of support to two different women, including Rachel Roy.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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