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Daphne Joy Clears Controversy Amid Legal Battle with 50 Cent


Amid an ongoing defamation lawsuit filed by 50 Cent, Daphne Joy has taken a significant step by deleting her social media post accusing the rapper of rape. The move comes amidst a complex legal battle between the two parties, with a source close to Daphne suggesting that the decision was made to maintain peace for the sake of their son, Sire.

Daphne, who shares a child with 50 Cent, publicly accused him of rape and physical abuse in a now-deleted Instagram post from March 28. In response, 50 Cent promptly refuted the allegations and proceeded to sue her for defamation in May.

While the deletion of the post raises questions about the potential for reconciliation between the two, sources indicate that the decision was not influenced by the ongoing lawsuit. Despite the removal of the post, there has been no indication of a settlement, and 50 Cent is reportedly continuing with the legal proceedings.

The contentious situation between Daphne Joy and 50 Cent escalated following claims made against Daphne in a lawsuit involving Diddy, where she was labeled a “sex worker.” This led to a series of social media exchanges between 50 Cent and Daphne, ultimately resulting in a custody battle over their son.

As the legal saga unfolds, the deletion of the rape accusation post marks a significant development in the narrative between Daphne Joy and 50 Cent, raising the possibility of potential discussions or resolutions in the future.

Written by
Derek Chan


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