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Deion Sanders’ Football Team Faces Robbery Scandal: High School Recruits Identified as Culprits


Update #2 (Nov. 14, 2023): Recent developments shed light on the robbery that Deion Sanders’ Colorado football players experienced last month. Contrary to initial suspicions pointing at UCLA players, Pasadena police investigations revealed that the theft was orchestrated by high schoolers visiting UCLA for an official visit. The culprits, speculated to be UCLA Bruins hopefuls from Beaumont High School in Riverside County, reportedly stole gold and diamond chains and other valuables from the visiting team’s locker room. The investigation is ongoing, and details regarding how the high school recruits gained access are yet to be determined.

Update #1 (Oct. 31, 2023): Deion Sanders firmly stands behind his players, addressing reports of the robbery during a news conference. Expressing his dismay over the incident, Sanders called for the NCAA to take action, emphasizing the vulnerability of college athletes regarding insurance matters. He assured that the stolen items, including significant amounts of cash from a staff member, should be replaced. Sanders pledged to create a list of lost items for reimbursement and emphasized the need for better education on insurance matters.

Original Story (Oct. 30, 2023): Deion Sanders’ Colorado Buffaloes faced a setback over the weekend as several players fell victim to a robbery after their game against the UCLA Bruins. At the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, at least five players discovered their personal belongings missing from the visitors’ locker room. Initial reports indicated that three players had gold and diamond chains, worth thousands of dollars, stolen.

UCLA police are currently investigating the incident, and details surrounding how and when the robbers gained access remain unclear. Post-incident footage captured Colorado players expressing frustration about the violation, with one player highlighting the insecurity even within the locker room. Deion Sanders has yet to publicly address the situation, but the incident has prompted the football program to reassess its reliance on external security measures.

The scandal takes an unexpected turn as high school recruits, not UCLA players, are identified as the culprits behind the robbery, raising questions about security protocols and the safety of athletes’ personal belongings during college games.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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