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Derek Chauvin, Convicted in George Floyd Murder, Stabbed in Federal Prison


Derek Chauvin, the former police officer convicted in the murder of George Floyd, has been stabbed in a federal prison, according to confirmed reports. The incident occurred at the Federal Correctional Institution in Tucson, Arizona, where Chauvin was assaulted and subsequently rushed to a hospital. While his injuries are deemed not life-threatening, the attack raises concerns about the safety of the infamous ex-cop behind bars.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s representative stated that Chauvin is currently in stable condition following the assault. Ellison expressed his sadness over the violence, emphasizing that, despite Chauvin’s conviction, he deserves to serve his sentence without fear of retaliation. Ellison played a pivotal role in prosecuting Chauvin in the state murder case related to George Floyd’s tragic death in 2020.

The Bureau of Prisons issued a statement, refraining from naming Chauvin but confirming an attack on an “incarcerated person” at the prison around 12:30 PM on Friday. Although the identity of the assailant remains unclear, reports suggest it was another inmate. Prison staff promptly intervened, bringing the situation under control while providing life-saving measures to the victim. Fortunately, no employees were injured during the incident.

Chauvin, sentenced to more than 22 years in prison for Floyd’s murder in a Minnesota state court, is also serving a 20-year term for a separate federal charge related to violating Floyd’s civil rights. The attack adds another layer of complexity to Chauvin’s high-profile case, which garnered global attention after the circulation of a disturbing video capturing the murder.

The infamous nine-and-a-half-minute clip documented Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck as he pleaded for breath in Minneapolis. Despite Floyd’s distress, Chauvin persisted, leading to Floyd’s tragic death. Chauvin’s initial encounter with Floyd stemmed from suspicions of using counterfeit bills at a nearby convenience store, eventually leading to the termination of Chauvin’s 19-year career as a police officer in the Minneapolis PD.

The recent stabbing incident raises questions about the safety and security measures in place for high-profile inmates like Chauvin, whose actions ignited nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism. As investigations unfold, the incident adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing narrative surrounding the former police officer.


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Derek Chan – Editor


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