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Destiny’s Child Serenades Tina Knowles on Her 70th Birthday, Says Tina Knowles



Tina Knowles Celebrates 70th Birthday with Love and Gratitude

On her 70th birthday, Tina Knowles shared her heartfelt appreciation for the love and celebration she received. Posting a video on Instagram from her favorite place, Malibu Beach, Knowles expressed gratitude for the empowering weekend surrounded by friends, especially tough, beautiful women filled with love.

Despite initial anxiety about turning 70, Knowles felt blessed to have reached this milestone and cherished the people and life she has. The birthday celebration was a spiritual experience, and she felt overwhelmed with love, acknowledging the thoughtful gestures, flowers, and well-wishes from everyone.

Knowles revealed the highlight of her weekend – being serenaded by Destiny’s Child. In her caption, she thanked all those who contributed to making her birthday special, expressing immense gratitude for the exquisite flowers and the love of the people in her life. The post reflected a sense of joy and blessings as Knowles celebrated this significant milestone surrounded by the love of family and friends.


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