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Disney Delays Release of Jonathan Majors’ “Magazine Dreams” Amid Pending Trial


Jonathan Majors, known for his roles in “Lovecraft Country” and Marvel’s “Loki,” was on the cusp of a potentially career-changing moment with his upcoming film “Magazine Dreams.” However, Disney has announced an indefinite delay in the release of this Oscar-buzzy film due to Majors’ pending assault trial.

“Magazine Dreams” was set for release under Disney’s Searchlight Pictures subsidiary, with a premiere scheduled for early December. The film’s release date has now been moved to an unspecified future date. This decision aligns with Majors’ upcoming criminal trial, slated to commence on November 29, only a week before the film’s original debut date. Disney’s hesitance is apparent as they await the outcome of the legal proceedings.

In an interesting twist, Disney proceeded with the release of season 2 of “Loki,” a series in which Majors plays a prominent role. Majors’ performance as Kang in “Loki” has garnered praise and contributed to the show’s success. This move suggests that Disney is maintaining support for Majors within the Marvel Cinematic Universe while holding off on a film that centers around him. The ongoing actors’ strike is another factor that might be influencing the situation. Hollywood is experiencing an industry-wide labor strike, which could be contributing to the complexities surrounding Majors’ projects and the decision to delay “Magazine Dreams”.

The legal case involving Majors has experienced several unexpected developments. Notably, the New York Police Department arrested his accuser and former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, on suspicion of assault. However, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office subsequently announced that they would not be pursuing charges against her. This conflicting stance between the NYPD and the District Attorney has further complicated the case.

Additionally, the District Attorney’s office has bolstered its case with a UK police report alleging domestic violence against Majors. While details regarding this specific incident remain unclear, it adds an additional layer to the legal proceedings.

Furthermore, surveillance pictures and videos from the night in question appear to show Jabbari in a condition that contradicts the alleged assault. This has led to a considerable amount of uncertainty and intrigue surrounding the case. As Jonathan Majors finds himself in a state of limbo regarding his professional projects, his legal situation continues to evolve with unexpected turns. The delay in releasing “Magazine Dreams” reflects Disney’s cautious approach as they navigate the uncertainty surrounding their star’s pending trial.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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