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DJ Envy Faces Potential Legal Woes Over Failure to Comply with Subpoena


Popular radio personality DJ Envy, co-host of The Breakfast Club, could find himself in legal trouble if he fails to meet the requirements of a court-ordered subpoena linked to the bankruptcy case of his former real estate partner, Cesar Pina. Legal reporter Meghann Cuniff revealed that DJ Envy, whose real name is RaaShaun Casey, has been given until January 8 to provide all requested documents to the court-appointed trustee overseeing Pina’s company, Whairhouse LLC. The company filed for bankruptcy in August, prompting the legal proceedings.

Failure to adhere to this deadline could result in Envy facing arrest and being compelled to participate in a deposition in a New Jersey bankruptcy court, in addition to potential sanctions. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Rosemary Gambardella recently approved a motion from the trustee’s attorneys, asserting that DJ Envy missed a November 28 deadline to submit documents related to Whairhouse and another company associated with Pina’s apartment complex.

Cesar Pina, also known as FlippingNJ on social media, faced legal troubles in October when he was arrested for wire fraud related to his and DJ Envy’s real estate ventures. While Envy himself has not been charged, he claims to be a victim of Pina’s alleged real estate scam, which reportedly defrauded investors of millions of dollars. Pina, however, contradicted this assertion in October, stating on Instagram Live, “DJ Envy’s attorney’s defense that DJ Envy is a victim — that’s the dumbest shit I ever heard in my life. Me and him were partners in the real estate seminars, we were partners in a couple of real estate transactions. That’s it. He’s not a victim! He was my partner; he was an investor”.

In August, DJ Envy disclosed that he had suffered a $500,000 loss in a joint project with Cesar Pina and his wife, Jennifer. The project involved renovating and repositioning a former school into an apartment building. These revelations emerged in response to a legal filing seeking to dismiss a lawsuit from two of Pina’s investors, Anthony Barone and Anthony Martini, who alleged they were defrauded of $1.5 million in a failed apartment complex venture.

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