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Doja Cat Ventures Beyond Music: Embracing Acting, Comedy, and Fashion


In a candid interview with Angie Martinez for Harper’s Bazaar, Doja Cat, the acclaimed pop sensation, revealed her aspirations to temporarily step away from the music scene and explore fresh avenues of creativity. The artist expressed a keen interest in both acting and stand-up comedy, hinting at a potential hiatus from her musical endeavors.

Discussing her desire to spread her wings into the world of cinema, Doja Cat shared, “I would love to do movies that I believe in. I would have to stop the music for a minute. But I would be down to immerse myself in acting for a certain period of time.” She unveiled her affinity for comedy and action genres, even expressing a longing to master martial arts and join the ranks of iconic action heroes like those found in a John Wick film.

Apart from her silver screen dreams, Doja Cat also mentioned her fascination with fashion and makeup, hinting at potential future ventures beyond the realm of music. Equally intriguing was her revelation of interest in pursuing stand-up comedy. She recounted a recent experience onstage alongside Craig Robinson, where she shared the spotlight in a comedy club. “It’s something I’ve definitely considered,” she admitted. “I actually went onstage recently with Craig Robinson. He’ll get on a piano and just play songs, but he’ll do it in his own Craig Robinson, funny-ass way. I went up onstage and sang with him at a comedy club. It was super low-key. I was there with one of my boyfriends.”

Despite these burgeoning aspirations, fans need not despair, as Doja Cat is poised to grace the music world once more with her upcoming album, “Scarlet.” Set to drop later this year, the album promises a more introspective tone, yet doesn’t shy away from delivering the infectious stories and vibrant tunes that her admirers have come to adore. As Doja Cat readies herself to embrace a range of creative pursuits, her evolution promises an exciting chapter in her artistic journey.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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