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Drake Contest Winner Disappointed Over Untransferable G-Wagon Prize


Drake, the renowned rapper and musician, has left a devoted fan disheartened due to the apparent failure to deliver a G-Wagon prize, which they believed they had rightfully won.

According to statements given to HipHopDX, the mother of the friend of the winner stated that her child’s friend possessed the winning ticket, concluding with the numbers “17483.” However, they were unable to claim the prize.

Reportedly, the reason for the prize not being awarded is that the winner’s friend was not a Canadian citizen, having traveled from Pittsford, NY, to attend the concert. It appears that the prize was non-transferrable to individuals in the United States.

The mother elaborated, explaining, “Their discussion with my son and his friend went on for nearly an hour, trying to come up with some way that he could accept the car. After nearly an hour talking to these people, the winner was told, ‘No, you absolutely cannot take the vehicle – and the winning prize (the vehicle) is not transferable.’ They had previously been discussing ways to possibly transfer the vehicle to a Canadian citizen.”

She continued, “Those leading the contest should have been able to tell the winner up front, right away, that the prize was absolutely not transferable. Instead they went back and forth about it, and in the end, my son’s friend walked away with nothing, and they both missed the last hour of the concert!!! Absolutely ridiculous!! Handled very unprofessionally in my opinion.”

The disappointed mother shared her perspective, stating, “I appreciate that Drake is so generous, but this situation left two of his fans very unhappy and disappointed after they drove over three hours to Toronto and paid for a hotel room and concert tickets.”

During one of his hometown Toronto shows on the “It’s All A Blur Tour” on October 7, Drake presented a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon as a giveaway prize. It is arguably the most valuable gift the artist has ever bestowed. Although the exact model and year of the car were not disclosed, a 2023 G550 SUV carries a suggested retail price of $139,900.

Drake revealed his plan from the stage, stating, “This is what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna pick a winning ticket out of this drum here. I want everybody to be super-quiet.” A stagehand joined him on stage, and the ticket with the number “17483” was drawn. The fortunate fan was located in an upper section of the arena.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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