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Drake Fans Clash with Rick Ross in Canada Over Kendrick Lamar Diss Track


At the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver, tensions escalated when Rick Ross, also known as William Roberts, played Kendrick Lamar’s diss track against Drake as his closing song, sparking a physical altercation with Drake fans in attendance.

As Ross exited the stage with Lamar’s provocative lyrics still reverberating, a group of displeased concert-goers confronted him, leading to a swift punch to the face and a chaotic brawl captured on camera.

In Lamar’s track “Not Like Us,” released in the midst of escalating rap beef, serious allegations were made against Drake, including accusations of pursuing younger women and questionable surgical enhancements. The song featured imagery of Drake’s home adorned with red sex offender symbols, intensifying the feud.

Former friends Ross and Drake found themselves on opposite sides of the conflict, with Ross publicly siding with Lamar and launching personal attacks on Drake’s appearance and alleged actions. Drake, in turn, refuted these claims and fired back with accusations of his own, escalating the animosity between the two rappers.

The clash between Ross and Drake fans in Canada served as a vivid manifestation of the ongoing tensions and personal attacks permeating the rap scene, highlighting the power of music to incite passionate reactions and fuel rivalries within the industry.

Written by
Derek Chan


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