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Driver Testifies in Jonathan Majors Assault Trial, Suggests Grace Jabbari as Aggresso


In a significant development during the Jonathan Majors assault trial, the driver of the SUV in which the alleged altercation took place testified that he believed Grace Jabbari hit the actor during their dispute.

Jonathan Majors faces assault charges for allegedly roughing up Grace Jabbari in the back of their ride, with the incident stemming from a confrontation about Majors texting another woman. However, the driver’s testimony appears to paint a different picture, positioning Jabbari as the aggressor in the situation.

Speaking through an interpreter, the driver told the court on Monday that he sensed Jabbari had hit Majors during their fight in the back of the Escalade in March. He explained that he based this perception on the way she was fighting and the sounds produced.

The driver also revealed that Grace Jabbari demanded to see Jonathan Majors’ phone during the incident, describing her as “very angry.” He asserted that Majors was not instigating the situation but was instead “trying to get rid” of Jabbari.

This testimony adds an intriguing twist to the trial, especially considering the text messages between Majors and Jabbari that were read in court last week. The messages included a September 2022 exchange discussing a potential altercation in London, with Jabbari expressing a desire to be with Majors despite potential consequences.

The driver also mentioned that both Majors and Jabbari left the car at one point, continuing their argument on a Manhattan street corner. According to the driver, Majors was “pushing her back into the car to get rid of her.”

Jonathan Majors’ legal team questioned the driver about finding any blood in the car, to which he testified that he did not. The trial continues with these contrasting testimonies shaping the narrative around the alleged assault.

Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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