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Eddie Murphy Set to Deck the Halls in Upcoming Comedy ‘Candy Cane Lane’


Eddie Murphy, the legendary comedian, is all set to deliver holiday cheer to audiences in his upcoming project, ‘Candy Cane Lane’. The 62-year-old funnyman, who recently celebrated his son Miles’ wedding, will play the role of a determined man fighting to save both his family and Christmas itself in this delightful new comedy.

Prime Video gave fans a sneak peek at the film, releasing a poster showcasing Murphy holding a string of holiday lights, sporting a stylish black turtleneck sweater adorned with a graphic of Santa riding a unicorn. The caption alongside the photo humorously reads, ‘Don’t elf around with holiday magic.’ Prime Video also revealed the film’s premiere date, stating, “Candy Cane Lane premieres on December 1 on Prime Video”.

This project marks a significant milestone in Murphy’s illustrious career, as it’s his first live-action holiday movie in over 40 years in the entertainment industry. Eddie Murphy, known for his role in the ‘Donkey’s Christmas Shrektacular,’ reunites with director Reginald Hudlin, who previously worked with him on ‘Boomerang.’

Director Reginald Hudlin provided insights into the film, describing Murphy’s character, Chris Carver, as an individual so infatuated with Christmas that he gave his children Christmas-themed names: Holly, Joy, and Nick. When Chris loses his job just before the holiday season, he channels his love for Christmas into a high-stakes competition – the Candy Cane Lane house-decorating contest in his neighborhood, offering a substantial cash prize. However, the story takes a magical twist when he discovers a set of exquisite ’12 Days of Christmas’ decorations, only to learn that they’ve been cursed by a mischievous elf named Pepper, portrayed by Jillian Bell.

This sudden curse turns the jovial tale into a humorous adventure. Reginald Hudlin explains, “Now, instead of winning it all, he could lose it all!” The cursed ornaments are brought to life by the talented ensemble of Nick Offerman, Chris Redd, and Robin Thede, each playing unique and intriguing characters. Offerman takes on the role of a proper English gentleman from a bygone era, while Thede portrays a Kardashian-inspired power shopper, and Redd becomes a relatable working-class individual. Although their personalities clash, they find themselves joining forces to escape Pepper’s clutches.

Pepper, the wayward elf, is described as someone who takes the notion of “coal in the stocking” punishment to absurd levels. Director Hudlin humorously adds, “She’s out to penalize anyone she thinks deserves it, and that includes pretty much everyone.”

In ‘Candy Cane Lane,’ Murphy stars alongside the talented Tracee Ellis Ross, who portrays Chris’s wife, Carol. She’s the financial backbone of their family and aspires to secure a promotion at the distribution center where she works as an executive. When supernatural forces threaten Christmas and her family, her fierce Mama Bear instincts kick in, setting the stage for a unique holiday adventure.

Reginald Hudlin, the film’s director, guarantees that audiences are in for a distinctive holiday experience, combining jump scares, car chases, kung-fu battles, and, of course, all the warm, fuzzy holiday feelings. With the release of ‘Candy Cane Lane’ on Prime Video, Eddie Murphy is set to captivate audiences with a holiday tale unlike any other, promising laughter, adventure, and the magic of Christmas.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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