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Eddie Murphy’s Unique Farewell: No Funeral, Just the ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Theme Song


Actor and comedian Eddie Murphy has unveiled his unconventional end-of-life wish: no funeral ceremony. In a recent interview while promoting “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” Murphy shared his preference for a private and quiet departure, emphasizing to his family and friends that he does not want a traditional funeral. Instead, he humorously suggested that if any event were to be held in his memory, it should include the iconic ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ theme song to bring smiles to those who remember him. Playfully acknowledging his mortality, Murphy expressed his desire to pass away without the fanfare of a funeral, opting for a peaceful exit. As he approaches 63 and continues to captivate audiences with his roles in films like “Coming to America” and “Shrek,” it is his portrayal of the street-smart detective Axel Foley that remains a fan favorite.

Addressing comparisons between Axel Foley and the iconic spy James Bond, Murphy humorously dismissed the idea of being a “Black James Bond,” highlighting the unique charm and appeal of his character with the signature theme music.

By eschewing traditional funeral rites, Eddie Murphy aims for a simple and understated farewell, choosing to depart quietly without the usual ceremonies associated with a celebrity’s passing.

Written by
Derek Chan


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