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Evelyn Lozada’s Private Investigator Alleges Shocking Revelations About Jackie Christie


The drama on Basketball Wives LA reaches new heights as Evelyn Lozada unveils startling accusations against Jackie Christie, shedding light on hidden arrests and a web of alternate identities.

During a recent episode of the VH1 series, Evelyn Lozada, a longstanding cast member, drops a bombshell, accusing Jackie Christie of leading a “double life” and exposing her mysterious past with the help of a private investigator.

Evelyn reveals in a confessional that her decision to delve into Jackie Christie’s background was prompted by the revelation that Christie’s husband of 28 years, former NBA player Doug Christie, is actually her fourth spouse, surprising everyone.

In a circulating clip, the private investigator discloses to Evelyn Lozada that Jackie Christie has a complex history involving multiple aliases and an alleged arrest for prostitution, stating that she goes by a total of 15 different names.

Impressed by her instincts, Evelyn expresses her suspicion that Christie has been concealing a significant part of her past. The PI further reveals details of an arrest report dating back to 1987, involving a woman named Jackie Marie Wilson who was reportedly detained for prostitution. Notably, Evelyn mentions that one of Christie’s previous husbands was named George Wilson, hinting at potential connections.

The investigator suggests that the individual in question was convicted of the charge, although the accuracy of the information remains unverified. Overwhelmed by the revelations, Evelyn acknowledges the gravity of the situation, indicating that she and her co-stars may have been unaware of the true identity of Jackie Christie all along.

As of now, Jackie Christie has not responded to these shocking allegations, leaving viewers and cast members alike on edge as the truth behind her enigmatic past unravels.

Written by
Derek Chan


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