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Family Strife Escalates as John Amos’ Son Arrested for Threatening Sister Shannon


Tensions within the Amos family came to a head this week when actor John Amos’ son, K.C. Amos, was arrested for making terrorist threats against his sister, Shannon Amos. The incident occurred after K.C. was removed as their father’s medical power of attorney, adding fuel to an already fraught situation.

In response to the disturbing events, Shannon Amos released a statement expressing her relief that her brother is being held accountable for his actions, which she believes endangered their father’s health. She emphasized that her primary concern remains advocating for her father’s proper care, and she is committed to resolving the matter privately with the appropriate authorities.

Addressing the situation, Shannon clarified that despite the ongoing family conflict, it is not merely a sibling rivalry but a complex issue involving her father’s well-being. As a film producer, she has been actively working alongside the family to ensure that John Amos receives the best medical care possible.

The family’s representative emphasized that the focus is on getting John the necessary care and support he needs during this challenging time. Interestingly, Shannon’s daughter revealed that her grandfather, John Amos, did not recall making any previous statements concerning the matter.

K.C.’s arrest occurred on Saturday in West Orange, New Jersey, after he allegedly threatened to harm Shannon, creating a sense of immediate fear for her life. The complaint filed against him includes details of threatening text messages containing photos of firearms and gang affiliations, escalating the fear for Shannon’s safety.

The situation remains complex and emotionally charged, with the Amos family grappling with the aftermath of these distressing events. As they navigate these difficult times, the priority remains the well-being of John Amos, a beloved figure known to many as “America’s Dad,” but to Shannon, he is, above all, her father.

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Written by:
Dana Sterling-Editor


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