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Fantasia Barrino Speaks Out Against Airbnb Amidst Alleged Racial Profiling Incident


Renowned soul singer Fantasia Barrino has taken to social media to share a troubling experience she encountered during a recent Airbnb stay, accusing the host of racial profiling and mistreatment. The 39-year-old artist detailed the incident on her X account, expressing her deep unease over the ordeal.

In her account of the incident, Fantasia Barrino revealed that the Airbnb host attempted to evict her and her son’s young friends in the middle of the night, alleging a violation of policies. According to Barrino, the host accused them of hosting a loud outdoor party, citing the delivery of balloons and a game truck earlier in the day. The singer countered that the number of guests aligned with the reservation, and there was no prohibition against having company over. She highlighted the presence of party-related items in the home, suggesting a history of gatherings at the property.

The frustration in Barrino’s words was palpable as she expressed her disappointment, emphasizing that the incident felt like racial profiling. She underscored her belief that the host’s actions were unjust, especially as she was attempting to celebrate her son Dallas’s recent birthday by providing a special experience. The singer has been on a press tour for Oprah Winfrey’s “The Color Purple” remake, in which she stars as Celie, adding a layer of disappointment to the incident.

Taking to her Instagram page, Barrino reiterated her sentiments, emphasizing the importance of love as a unifying force that transcends race, age, and other differences. The singer called attention to the need for empathy and understanding, expressing a desire for a world where love prevails and where individuals can experience it beyond the confines of their homes. This incident adds another layer to the ongoing conversations surrounding discrimination and bias in various facets of society, with celebrities like Fantasia Barrino using their platforms to shed light on the challenges faced by marginalized communities.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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