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Foot Locker Opts Out of Yeezy Restock Amid Controversy Concerns


Foot Locker has reportedly chosen not to participate in the restock of Yeezy shoes during Adidas’s brand relaunch this summer, citing concerns over potential backlash associated with rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye. The shoe retailer had initially planned to carry the footwear but decided against it, according to sources. This decision underscores Foot Locker’s hesitation to be associated with products linked to West due to past controversies.

Adidas and West’s collaboration on the Yeezy brand began in 2013 but came to an end following a series of anti-Semitic comments made by West in October of the previous year. This development left Adidas with a significant surplus of Yeezy products valued at $1.3 billion, which the company eventually opted to release in stages. A portion of the proceeds from these releases were donated to charitable causes and anti-hate groups.

Foot Locker’s stance on the matter is consistent with its previous position on West’s comments, which led to the removal of Yeezy shoes from its shelves. However, Adidas’s recent relaunch of the Yeezy line appears to have generated substantial revenue, amounting to $437 million from the initial release this summer. The company also announced a donation of $120 million to charity from these sales.

Sources indicate that Foot Locker might have faced challenges in integrating a charitable component into the Yeezy shoe sales. Representatives from Atmos, a sneaker store acquired by Foot Locker in 2021, confirmed that their stores would not carry the Yeezy line.

This decision comes as Kanye West relocated his Yeezy office adjacent to an Adidas store in Los Angeles, aligning with the company’s efforts to sell off remaining Yeezy stock. The move is accompanied by photos showcasing West’s office in close proximity to the Adidas store.

Adidas’s CEO Bjorn Gulden stated that selling and donating the surplus Yeezys aligns with the company’s commitment to respecting the design, production, and positive impact within communities. This marks an interesting turn of events as Foot Locker navigates the complex intersection of fashion, celebrity, and public perception.

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