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Former Diddy Bodyguard Questions Keefe D’s Account of 2Pac’s Murder


Gene Deal, a former bodyguard for Diddy, has shared his perspective and raised doubts about Keefe D’s involvement in the events surrounding 2Pac’s tragic death. In a candid interview with The Art of Dialogue, Deal offered his own interpretation of the events and questioned the authenticity of Keefe D’s claims.

When asked about his personal beliefs regarding Keefe D’s account of what transpired on the night of 2Pac’s passing, Deal responded, “Well, the story I heard — which was portrayed in the murder rap movie or whatever — and it was Greg Katie accounts that supposedly Keefe D gave.”

He went on to express skepticism, stating, “If you’ve ever been in an interrogation or any situation involving law enforcement, before they reach that videotape, before they get to that camera, they’ve already scripted what you’re going to say.”

“They will instruct you on what they need you to say, how to think, and what you need to do to resolve the situation,” Deal added, suggesting that Keefe D’s confession may have been rehearsed.

Later in the interview, Deal shared his true feelings regarding Keefe D’s alleged role in 2Pac’s death, saying, “And Keefe D, no disrespect. In my view, he did what he needed to do to secure his freedom. He said what he had to say to walk away as a free man. All the key players are no longer with us. He’s the last card on the table. He’s either going to win or lose.”

According to reports, Keefe D, who previously boasted about his involvement in 2Pac’s assassination, is now facing impending charges, with the Las Vegas homicide division leading the nearly 27-year-old cold case investigation.

The news of these developments came after law enforcement officials searched Keefe D’s home as part of their renewed investigation into the rapper’s murder. During the search, various items were seized, including computers, hard drives, and magazine articles related to 2Pac. The authorities also recovered photos from the 1990s featuring individuals potentially connected to the shooting and copies of Keefe D’s 2019 book.

The unsolved murder of 2Pac has long been believed to stem from a confrontation between the rapper, his entourage, and Orlando Anderson in the MGM Grand lobby in Las Vegas, just hours before the fatal shooting. Anderson, a member of the South Side Compton Crips, was suspected of stealing a Death Row Records affiliate’s chain months before the incident. Despite being identified as a suspect, Anderson was never charged, and no arrests have been made in the case.

Gene Deal has previously raised questions about the circumstances surrounding the death of another Hip Hop icon, The Notorious B.I.G., claiming that the 1997 murder was not a drive-by shooting and expressing frustration with the way events have been portrayed.

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