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Former NFL Player Damon Arnette Faces Allegations of Theft by Adult Entertainer Danii Banks


Former NFL first-round draft pick Damon Arnette finds himself in the midst of a new controversy, as adult entertainer Danii Banks, known for her presence on the OnlyFans platform, has publicly accused him of theft. Banks leveled these startling allegations during a recent episode of the Pillow Talk podcast, where she claimed that Arnette pilfered her valuable watch, phone, and a substantial sum of money.

The incident has unfolded at a pivotal juncture for Arnette, who is currently a free agent and is actively seeking to revive his NFL career. His aspirations for a professional resurgence follow his release from the Raiders in 2021, after a video circulated that seemed to show Arnette brandishing a firearm and issuing death threats, leading to his departure from the team.

During her candid revelation on the Pillow Talk podcast, Banks recounted her encounter with Arnette, stating, “Damon Arnette, the little football player, that played for the Raiders that got kicked off trying to shoot someone or some s***.” Banks alleged that Arnette took advantage of her temporary absence, making off with her high-end Bust Down Cartier watch, a secondary phone, and conducting unauthorized transactions through the Zelle money transfer service.

Notably, Banks asserted that she possesses evidence of the alleged incident, capturing Arnette and his companions leaving her residence. Her accusations, however, come imbued with an air of cosmic justice, as she remarked, “It’s cool because karma’s a b****… The way he acts and moves, he’s either gonna get killed or get locked up.”

In response to Banks’ claims, Arnette took to his Instagram story to address the situation, expressing his disinterest in engaging with the accusations. He stated, “If those stories, you’re going to with it, then run with it homie… My story don’t matter, my side don’t matter. I’m focused, I got way too much positivity going on for me to entertain bulls*** with bulls***. Figure out a better way to deal with me next time. Actually, don’t deal with me. No more me for nobody.”

Arnette’s recent legal history adds complexity to this unfolding narrative. As reported by 8 News Now, he was sentenced to 50 hours of community service and a $2,000 fine after an incident involving the brandishing of a firearm to a valet on the strip last year. As this controversy continues to develop, it underscores the delicate balance that public figures like Arnette must maintain between personal actions, career aspirations, and public perception.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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