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Former NFL Player Sergio Brown Missing After Mother’s Homicidal Assault


Former NFL player Sergio Brown remains missing after a grim discovery in Illinois, where his mother, Myrtle Brown, was found dead in a creek. The former Buffalo Bills safety and his mother were reported missing on September 16, leading to a frantic search by family and law enforcement. Myrtle Brown’s body was tragically recovered from Addison Creek behind her home in Maywood. An autopsy revealed that she had succumbed to homicidal violence following an assault, adding a grim dimension to this unfolding tragedy.

Police, while actively searching for Sergio Brown, have not named him as a suspect in his mother’s murder. The investigation is ongoing, with authorities diligently piecing together the events leading up to this horrific incident.

Carlos Cortez, a neighbor, provided unsettling details that indicated something amiss. He mentioned that police noticed suspicious activities on his doorbell camera, including Sergio disposing of trash and burning his mother’s clothes in a bonfire. Cortez also revealed that the former NFL player had been acting unusually in recent months, with family members expressing concerns about his mental state. Prior calls to the Browns’ residence by the police further suggest that this situation had been escalating over time.

Sergio’s brother, Nick Brown, made a heartfelt plea for his return on Facebook, emphasizing the importance of family and expressing love and concern. The community has rallied behind the Brown family during this challenging period.

Sergio Brown, whose NFL career spanned six seasons, played as a safety for several teams, including New England, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Buffalo, before retiring in 2016. As the search for Sergio continues, this tragic turn of events has cast a somber cloud over the former athlete’s life, with many hoping for his safe return as authorities work to unravel the disturbing circumstances surrounding his mother’s death.

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