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Former NFL Star Derrick Ward Arrested in Los Angeles on Multiple Robbery Charges


Derrick Ward, a former NFL running back known for his Super Bowl victory, has found himself on the wrong side of the law this week. The 43-year-old Los Angeles native was arrested for allegedly committing multiple robberies across the city, including at gas stations, according to sources reported by TMZ Sports.

Law enforcement officials revealed that Ward, who was not armed during the incidents, is accused of using force and instilling fear to carry out the robberies. The former football star was apprehended on Monday afternoon and booked into jail later that evening, with his booking information noting his height at 6 feet and weight at 230 lbs.

Ward, a 7th-round pick for the NY Jets in 2004, had an illustrious career spanning eight years in the NFL. He played for notable teams like the NY Giants, Tampa Bay Bucs, and the Houston Texans. His career peak came as a member of the NY Giants’ Super Bowl-winning squad that secured victory against Tom Brady’s undefeated New England Patriots in the 2007 season.

Despite once signing a $17 million contract, Ward’s recent actions have placed him in legal jeopardy. The charges against him allege involvement in a series of robberies targeting businesses, where he allegedly used physical force and intimidation to demand money. Having played in 93 NFL games, Ward had 551 carries for 2,628 yards, scoring a total of 15 touchdowns, 12 of which were rushing. The arrest has left fans and the sports community shocked, as the former athlete faces a legal battle that could significantly impact his reputation.

As of now, Derrick Ward remains in custody, and bail has been set at $250,000, as indicated by jail records. The details surrounding the alleged robberies and the circumstances leading to his arrest are expected to unfold as the legal proceedings progress.

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