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Gayle King and Charles Barkley’s CNN Show “King Charles” Faces Low Ratings


The new primetime talk show “King Charles,” featuring Gayle King and Charles Barkley, has reportedly experienced a challenging start, with ratings lower than anticipated. Premiering on November 29 on CNN, the show has allegedly garnered fewer than 500,000 viewers, making it the least-watched new program on CNN this year, according to RadarOnline.

In a promo video last month, Gayle King described the show as “our unfiltered take on the biggest story of the day.” Despite being different from CNN’s typical lineup, the show aims to provide a talk show format focused on news stories and cultural moments that interest Gayle and Charles.

Amy Entelis, CNN’s executive vice president for talent and content development, emphasized the unique nature of “King Charles” but acknowledged that it is not a traditional newscast. The show seems to center around the personal interests and discussions of Gayle and Charles.

Behind the scenes, there are rumors of tension between Gayle King and Charles Barkley. Insiders have suggested that Gayle expects Charles to keep quiet about any drama occurring off-camera. While Gayle is said to be uninterested in petty gossip, Charles is described as someone who enjoys sharing stories and name-dropping about his famous connections, including Michael Jordan.

The reported tension raises concerns about potential conflicts and the possibility of Charles revealing behind-the-scenes details. As the show faces criticism for its initial low ratings, it remains to be seen how “King Charles” will evolve and whether adjustments will be made to attract a larger audience.

Written by:

Dana Sterling-Editor


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