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Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Jones Rescues Lil Pump from Financial Woes with Purchase of Miami Beach Mansion


Green Bay Packers’ running back, Aaron Jones, has come to the rescue of rapper Lil Pump by acquiring his Miami Beach mansion. The reported $7 million purchase provides much-needed relief to the 23-year-old rapper, who has been grappling with significant financial challenges, including owing approximately $2 million to the IRS and over $100,000 to City National Bank.

Lil Pump had initially bought the Miami Beach mansion for $4.65 million back in 2019. The property boasts five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and luxurious amenities. Built in 2017, it features waterfront access, a boat deck, pool, spa, and more. Lil Pump had initially listed the mansion for $8.7 million in February, and the sale to Aaron Jones came at a critical time.

Prior to the sale, Lil Pump had already initiated the process of selling his home in response to IRS tax liens. In March, the IRS sought to collect $141,340.56 for unpaid taxes from 2021, followed by a second lien alleging $129,801.88 owed for 2020.

City National Bank had also taken legal action against Lil Pump over an unpaid loan, serving him with court documents in February. The court ruled that Lil Pump must repay $118,593.09 to the bank. This purchase by Aaron Jones provides some much-needed financial relief for the rapper as he works through these financial challenges.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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