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Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Reach Agreement on Son’s Schooling and Soccer Amid Divorce


Actress Halle Berry and her former husband, French actor Olivier Martinez, have reached an agreement concerning their 9-year-old son Maceo’s education and soccer activities. This development comes after the couple recently finalized their prolonged divorce proceedings. According to court documents, the ex-spouses submitted the agreement for approval this week.

As per the agreement, Maceo will transfer from one private school in Los Angeles to another, with Halle responsible for covering the tuition as long as Maceo attends the newly selected school. In addition, the agreement allows for Maceo to switch to a different soccer league, specifically the Los Angeles Football Club if he’s accepted. Olivier will provide Halle with the names and contact information of any coaches from the league before Maceo switches leagues to enable her to communicate with the coach beforehand.

The agreement also addresses tournament participation during holiday weekends, with Olivier required to seek Halle’s consent for Maceo’s participation, and makeup time to be arranged if necessary. It stipulates that international travel for tournaments should not occur without Halle’s prior knowledge and written consent.

Regarding soccer expenses, Halle has agreed to pay $3,500 per season, with Olivier responsible for any expenses exceeding that amount. The agreement also outlines temporary custody arrangements for when Olivier is working overseas, with Halle caring for Maceo during his absence but allowing nightly phone contact. Once Olivier returns to the United States, he will be granted 20 makeup days.

Additionally, Halle has agreed to pay Olivier $25,000 to cover his legal fees related to their divorce proceedings. This agreement represents a significant step in resolving ongoing disputes between the former couple and provides clarity on their son’s education and extracurricular activities. As they move forward separately, it appears they have put the best interests of their child first.

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