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Halle Berry Takes Issue with Drake’s Song Art Featuring Her Image


Drake’s latest single with SZA, “Slime You Out”, may be making waves among his fans, but it has left one person decidedly unimpressed – Halle Berry. The iconic actress recently took to Instagram with a somewhat cryptic post about rising above certain situations, and this was shortly after Drake released his new track, which has an image of Halle prominently featured in its artwork.

The image in question is a close-up shot of Halle Berry from the 2012 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, where she made headlines for getting slimed while seated in her chair. Drake used this image on social media as a cover image for the song’s promotion. However, it’s important to note that on the official audio upload, alternative artwork was used.

Upon learning that Drake had used her image without her permission, Halle Berry expressed her disapproval in the comments section of her post. She responded to a fan’s question about what she thought of Drake’s use of the photo, saying, “Didn’t get my permission. That’s not cool. I thought better of him!” In response to another fan, she added, “Hence my post today. When people you admire disappoint you, you have to be the bigger person and move on!”

Halle Berry engaged with other fans in the comments, emphasizing the principle of the matter, which suggests that she may not even own the rights to the picture in question.

Additionally, there are concerns about the graphic nature of the song itself, with allusions to sexual acts. Some fans have taken offense on behalf of Halle, who also questioned the song’s content when responding to a fan’s comment about the meaning of “slime.”

It remains unclear whether Drake obtained permission to use Halle Berry’s image in his song promotion. However, it’s evident that Halle does not approve of its use. Drake has recently been involved in another cover art controversy, with Vogue Magazine suing him over unauthorized use, which reportedly resulted in a financial settlement. Halle Berry, on the other hand, appears to be voicing her concerns publicly but has not pursued legal action at this time.

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