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Home Depot Counters Tyrese’s Racial Discrimination Lawsuit with Surveillance Footage


R&B singer Tyrese’s racial discrimination lawsuit against Home Depot has taken a contentious turn as Home Depot presents surveillance footage that contradicts Tyrese’s claims. Last month, Tyrese filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination against the home improvement retailer, but new legal documents obtained by TMZ reveal a different perspective on the incident.

According to Home Depot, their surveillance video shows Tyrese arriving at the store and bringing a collection of items to the cashier for scanning. After the initial transaction, Tyrese continued shopping, leaving the register unattended for approximately 25 minutes. Home Depot claims that during this time, the cashier was forced to clear out Tyrese’s transaction, contrary to Tyrese’s original complaint, where he blamed a computer glitch for the delay.

Tyrese asserted that due to the alleged delay, people in the store recognized him, causing discomfort. Consequently, he chose to go to the parking lot rather than staying to oversee the transaction. Tyrese contended that he informed the cashier that his associates would complete the purchase with his credit card, alleging that she understood his instructions. He stated that she assured him he could wait outside while she finalized the transaction.

However, Home Depot’s surveillance footage tells a different story. They claim that the video shows Tyrese did not have a face-to-face conversation with any of their cashiers. Tyrese further maintained that he used FaceTime with a cashier from outside the store to authorize the completion of the transaction his associates were trying to make. He asserted that the cashier insisted he return to the store to show his ID before they could pay with his card.

In response, Home Depot contends that the cashier simply requested Tyrese’s ID and deemed FaceTime insufficient. She reportedly insisted that he physically re-enter the store to present his ID. Surveillance footage shows Tyrese returning to the store and engaging in a heated discussion with the cashier, culminating in him showing his ID, after which she completed his transaction.

This latest development adds complexity to Tyrese’s racial discrimination lawsuit against Home Depot, raising questions about the accuracy of his initial claims in light of the surveillance evidence provided by the retailer.

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