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Ice Spice and Taylor Swift Forge a Strong Friendship: “That’s My Sis”


Ice Spice and Taylor Swift have developed a close friendship since their collaboration earlier this year. Their partnership began in May when they worked together on Taylor’s record-breaking single “Karma.” They later performed it together during one of Taylor’s New Jersey tour stops and sat together as friends at the MTV Video Music Awards.

In a recent interview with Variety, Ice Spice shared insights into their friendship, including how the collaboration came about and their memorable moments at the VMAs.

“That’s my sis. We were talking about a bunch of things,” Ice Spice said. “She’s so funny. We were sipping on a little something something. Just chatting, vibing.”

The collaboration itself stemmed from Ice Spice’s admiration for Taylor’s 2020 documentary, “Miss Americana.” She expressed her admiration for the documentary to her team, which led to them reaching out to Taylor’s team, resulting in the collaboration.

“What I took away from Taylor’s documentary is you really do need to work hard, and not everything is going to be as easy as it seems,” Ice Spice explained. “And my manager heard me talking about that and had reached out to her team, and then they had a song for me.”

Taylor Swift had nothing but praise for Ice Spice, highlighting her dedication, focus, and professionalism. She commended Ice Spice for striking a balance between being playful and fun while maintaining her professionalism and focus on her goals.

The friendship between the two artists did face some controversy when, just before the release of “Karma,” Taylor’s then-boyfriend, Matt Healy of The 1975, was found to have made sexist and racist comments about Ice Spice on a podcast. However, both artists have since moved on from the incident.

Taylor is currently linked to Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, while Ice Spice continues to grow in her career and nurture her friendship with the pop icon.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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