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Ime Udoka Opposes Nia Long’s Request for Primary Custody Amid Messy Break-Up


Actress Nia Long’s pursuit of primary custody of her son, following a highly publicized split from Houston Rockets coach Ime Udoka, has encountered opposition. Udoka, Long’s ex-fianc√©, has formally responded to her custody request, pushing for joint legal and physical custody of their minor son, as reported by RadarOnline.com.

Court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com revealed Udoka’s stance on the matter. He has made it clear that he is seeking joint legal and physical custody of their child, and he has additionally requested visitation rights in conjunction with the joint custody arrangement.

Furthermore, Udoka has expressed his disagreement with Long’s request for him to cover her attorney fees, arguing that each party should be responsible for their own legal costs.

Udoka’s response underscores the complex and contentious nature of their separation. As they navigate the legal process, it will be the court’s decision that ultimately determines the custody arrangement for their son, Kez.

The couple’s history includes a lengthy engagement followed by a breakup in December 2022, marked by Udoka’s involvement in a cheating scandal. Long filed for full custody of Kez in August, stating her concerns about child support and the best interests of their child.

This legal battle unfolds against a backdrop of disappointment expressed by Nia Long regarding how the Boston Celtics organization, where Udoka was the head coach, handled the scandal. She has shared her son Kez’s emotional challenges throughout this period, emphasizing the importance of support from a community that rallied around her.

As the custody dispute continues, it remains to be seen how the court will weigh the interests and circumstances of both parents and ultimately decide what is in the best interest of young Kez.

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