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Jada Pinkett Opens Up About Her Spiritual Journey in New Book


Renowned actress Jada Pinkett has shared intimate details about her spiritual journey, including her exploration of supernatural practices like voodoo and Santeria, in her upcoming book. In her candid revelations, she discusses her quest for greater meaning in life despite having a loving husband and healthy, happy children.

Jada divulges that she once felt a desire for more in life, prompting her to seek help from supernatural forces. In one instance, she traveled to Ojai, California, known for its mystical aura and the presence of “medicine women” who offer assistance using their supernatural abilities. This journey was an attempt to bring balance to her life and her family.

The actress describes her visit to a “spiritual” woman in Ojai after a brief phone conversation. The mountainous terrain and steep driveway leading to the Medicine Woman’s house set the scene for a transformative encounter.

Additionally, Jada reveals that she journeyed to Cuba to meet with a Padrino, a spiritual godfather in the Santeria religion. Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion with roots in West Africa, includes elements of voodoo. Jada’s experience with the Padrino was intense and marked another chapter in her spiritual exploration.

In Santeria, the term “Padron” refers to a person who has undergone initiation and rituals, known as an Oloricha or Santero (male) and Santera (female). Only Olorichas can become godparents to others. The godparent, once initiating or “crowning” another person, becomes a Babaloricha (male) or Iyaloricha (female). This title signifies the belief that the godparent is birthing the Orichas during the initiation, and the godchild inherits these Orichas from the godparent.

The godchild and godparent share a permanent commitment to each other, guided by a code of ethics that emphasizes moral behavior. This includes acknowledging the godparent in prayers, celebrating their “birthday in Ocha” (the anniversary of initiation), and showing respect and appreciation for the godparent’s Orichas through gifts.

Jada Pinkett’s forthcoming book promises to shed light on her spiritual journey, providing readers with insights into her personal quest for deeper meaning and balance in her life.

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Dana Sterling-Editor


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