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Jamie Foxx’s Sister Saves His Life Amid Health Battle: Actor Wishes Her a Happy Birthday


Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx took to Instagram to wish his sister, Deidra Dixon, a happy birthday, expressing his gratitude for her life-saving decisions during his recent health battle. Foxx, 55, credited his sister for the critical choices that kept him alive during his health struggles in recent months. The actor praised her as a courageous lioness and acknowledged that without her, he might not be here today. Deidra’s birthday celebration comes after the tragic loss of Foxx’s younger sister, DeOndra Dixon, who passed away at the age of 36 on October 19, 2020.

In a recent video clip, Foxx expressed his appreciation for his family, especially his sister Deidra and daughter Corinne Marie, for their support during his challenging recovery journey. He described going through a difficult period and facing some potholes on his road to recovery but reassured his fans that he is coming back and able to work.

Foxx’s health issues had forced him to take a step back from his usual public presence. His daughter Corinne previously shared an Instagram statement about her father’s medical complication, which led to his hospitalization. Fortunately, he has since been recuperating and expressed gratitude for the love and support he received from his fans during this challenging time.

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