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Jason Derulo Faces Accusations of Absentee Parenting and Kim Kardashian’s Involvement Stirs Controversy


Kai Cyre, the aunt of Tristan Thompson’s eldest child, Prince Oliver Thompson, has taken to Instagram to accuse the NBA player of being an absentee parent to the six-year-old and has advised Kim Kardashian against publicly praising his parenting. Cyre, who is a 31-year-old nurse and the sister of Prince’s mother, Jordan Craig, expressed her frustration over what she perceives as Tristan Thompson’s lack of time, attention, and financial support for his first-born child.

Breaking her usual protocol of not publicly commenting on the topic, Cyre expressed her concern about how Thompson, who is the father of three other children, has been portrayed publicly as a loving parent. She stated that it has been challenging for her to remain silent, given the circumstances.

Cyre went on to criticize Thompson for finding time to do kind acts for others while allegedly neglecting his own son, Prince. She called attention to the fact that Thompson can take other children to school and activities in the same city but rarely sees or communicates with his own child unless it’s for a party or planned photo opportunity. Cyre deemed this behavior appalling and inexcusable.

Furthermore, Cyre called out Kim Kardashian for praising Thompson’s parenting skills on a recent episode of the family’s Hulu series, “The Kardashians.” She expressed her hope that Kardashian would not be insensitive to the fact that Thompson allegedly ignores his children, emphasizing that supporting her sisters should take precedence over defending a man’s character on a global platform.

Cyre revealed that Thompson has not paid child support for Prince in a long time and has stopped contributing to Prince’s school tuition. Despite this, he receives applause for taking other children to school and activities. Cyre noted that Thompson hasn’t even inquired about Prince’s current school.

In her Instagram post, Cyre credited her sister for working multiple jobs to ensure that Prince’s standard of living remains consistent. She concluded by stressing that being a good parent is not solely about providing financial support but also about spending time with one’s children. She asserted that being a good father should apply to all of Thompson’s children.

The controversial post follows an episode of “The Kardashians” in which Kim Kardashian defended Tristan Thompson, calling him a “really good person.” Tristan Thompson has faced controversy and allegations of infidelity in the past, including during his relationship with Khloe Kardashian, Kim’s sister.

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