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Jason Derulo Responds to Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, Denying All Allegations


Jason Derulo has firmly denied the allegations of sexual harassment brought against him by aspiring singer Emaza Gibson. The “Want You To Want Me” singer took to his Instagram to address the claims, insisting that they are entirely false and hurtful. In a video message, he expressed his opposition to all forms of harassment and asserted that he has always aimed to live his life positively. He concluded by stating he felt deeply offended by these defamatory claims.

Gibson filed the sexual harassment lawsuit against Derulo on October 5, alleging unpaid wages, loss of earnings, deferred compensation, employment benefits, and emotional distress. However, the specific monetary amount she is seeking in damages remains undisclosed.

Among the disturbing allegations, Gibson claims that Derulo promised her a record deal only if she engaged in sexual acts with him, and then withdrew the deal when she rejected his advances. She further alleges that Derulo attempted to entice her with cocaine and alcohol to secure her compliance. Additionally, Gibson asserts that Derulo insisted on a goat sacrifice as a prelude to engaging in sexual activity, adding an element of intimidation to the situation.

Ron Zambrano, Gibson’s attorney, condemned Derulo’s actions, describing them as not only breaking promises and breaching contracts but also involving threats of physical harm and inappropriate sexual advances towards a young woman pursuing a career in the music industry. Gibson expressed her bewilderment at why someone would engage in such conduct, emphasizing that she has been passionate about her career since childhood and should not have to compromise her values to achieve success.

As the legal proceedings unfold, it remains to be seen how this lawsuit will impact both Jason Derulo’s career and the aspiring singer’s pursuit of justice.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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