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Jay-Z’s Team ROC Joins Fight for Justice in Wrongful Arrest Case


Jay-Z’s philanthropic arm, Team ROC, is once again taking a stand for justice, this time in the case of Jermelle English Jr., a Wisconsin man who was wrongfully and violently arrested by the Kenosha Police Department. Despite evidence that the police apprehended the wrong individual, English is still facing charges.

Engaging the legal prowess of renowned attorney Alex Spiro, Team ROC is determined to not only have all charges against English dropped but also to potentially file a lawsuit against the Kenosha PD for their actions. The incident, which occurred back in July, saw English being charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after police officers forcefully arrested him in front of his 1-year-old child at an Applebee’s restaurant. The arrest was marked by excessive use of force, with pepper spray deployed and violent physical engagement captured on video by Applebee’s employees.

The video footage exposes officers repeatedly striking English, who was already on the ground, as they entered the Applebee’s during an investigation into a hit-and-run. It was later revealed that the officers had apprehended an entirely innocent man, highlighting a grave error in the arrest.

The actual hit-and-run suspects were later discovered hiding in the restaurant’s bathroom. The incident has sparked local protests, as the public learned about the unjust arrest and the endangerment of an innocent child.

Dania Diaz, Team ROC’s Managing Director, expressed the organization’s commitment to support English and his family through this ordeal. She emphasized the need for accountability and justice, as well as holding the Kenosha police officers responsible for their actions.

In response, Kenosha PD’s Leo Viola assured the public that an internal investigation is underway, vowing to maintain transparency once the inquiry is concluded. He clarified that the department initiated the investigation without external pressure.

As Team ROC rallies behind Jermelle English Jr., their intervention represents a powerful call for justice, accountability, and an end to unwarranted and excessive use of force in law enforcement. Beyond the pursuit of justice for English, the incident has also cast a spotlight on the manager on duty at the time of the arrest, who claims she was wrongfully terminated for allegedly damaging the reputation of Applebee’s by revealing the incident.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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