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Jeannie Mai Opens Up About Jeezy’s Divorce Filing: “I Was Gutted”


Jeannie Mai, the actress and television personality, revealed on the ‘Jennifer Hudson Show’ that she was blindsided by Jeezy’s divorce filing and learned about their split through media reports. The host, Jennifer Hudson, delved into Jeannie’s personal life, touching on the recent headlines surrounding her divorce with the rapper Jeezy. Jeannie expressed that she initially felt “gutted” upon discovering Jeezy’s desire to end their marriage, emphasizing that she first became aware of the situation through press coverage.

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Jeannie conveyed that she is now focusing on providing emotional support for their young daughter, Monaco, born last year. As the holiday season approaches, Jeannie is determined to ensure their daughter experiences the presence of both parents, emphasizing the importance of family for Monaco.

Reflecting on the challenging year, Jeannie acknowledged feeling broken but highlighted the strength she discovered within herself during the process. While not directly addressing the recent court documents where she hinted at a possible violation of their prenuptial agreement due to alleged infidelity, Jeannie underscored her commitment to navigating the divorce while prioritizing her daughter’s well-being.

In the court documents, Jeannie implied that Jeezy might have breached their prenup through alleged infidelity, an accusation Jeezy has denied through his representatives. Speculation about Jeannie’s fidelity has also circulated, but she has vehemently denied any allegations of cheating.

Interestingly, Jeezy, in a separate context, recently spoke about infidelity, stating that real men don’t cheat on their partners during a conversation with Nia Long. Jeannie appears skeptical of this claim, based on her recent revelations. As the public gains insight into the complexities of their divorce, Jeannie Mai remains resilient, focusing on her role as a mother and navigating the emotional journey of separation. The unfolding narrative emphasizes the challenges of high-profile relationships and the public scrutiny that accompanies them.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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