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Jeezy Files for Divorce from Jeannie Mai Amidst Speculation


Rumors and speculation are swirling across the internet as rapper Jeezy, born Jay Wayne Jenkins, officially files for divorce from his wife, TV host Jeannie Mai.

A source close to the situation revealed to Entertainment Tonight (ET) that the couple’s differences regarding certain “family values and expectations” played a significant role in the decision to end their marriage. According to the insider, their varying perspectives left both feeling unfulfilled in their needs.

Jeezy filed for divorce on September 14th in Fulton County Superior Court, as confirmed by court documents obtained by ET. In these documents, the rapper cited their separation, an “irretrievably broken” marriage, and expressed that “there is no hope for reconciliation.” Furthermore, Jeezy seeks joint legal custody of their daughter and has requested no spousal support.

Additional sources close to the couple have suggested that Jeezy’s decision to divorce stemmed from his perception of Jeannie as overbearing and her struggle with anger issues. Interestingly, Jeannie herself admitted on the “Lovers and Friends” podcast in 2021 that she hadn’t recognized her temper issues until being in a relationship with Jeezy. She recalled moments when he called her out on her anger, but she felt he never actively tried to address the issue. She expressed her initial surprise at Jeezy’s firm stance against her previous habits and their ensuing disagreements.

Jeannie seemed to attribute part of her anger issues to her husband’s lack of guidance in helping her manage them. She lamented that he didn’t proactively assist her in addressing her temper. Jeezy and Jeannie, ages 45 and 44 respectively, became engaged in April 2020 and celebrated their wedding at their Atlanta home in March 2021. Challenges began to arise shortly after the birth of their daughter, Monaco Mai Jenkins, in January 2022.

Reports emerged suggesting that Jeezy struggled with Jeannie’s reluctance to embrace his culture while expecting him to embrace hers. Sources close to the rapper also claimed that he expressed his love for soul food, but Jeannie resisted his requests to prepare his favorite dishes.

In one Instagram photo, Jeezy appears less than thrilled while dining on a bowl of roasted zucchini, missing the meat or cornbread he likely expected. An Instagram user captioned the photo, suggesting that this incident may have contributed to their relationship’s strain.

While Jeannie often showcased her culinary skills, preparing traditional Vietnamese dishes like banh cuon, she lamented that Jeezy didn’t actively address her anger issues. She lovingly described these dishes as “like a bear hug from a marshmallow.” Despite officially filing for divorce, Jeezy has been seen wearing his wedding ring in photographs shared on his Instagram page, fueling further intrigue and speculation about the status of their relationship.

It’s worth noting that Jeezy is also a father to three adult children, Jadarius, Shyheim, and Amra, from previous relationships. As the divorce proceedings unfold, the public watches with interest, piecing together the complexities of this high-profile split.

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