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Jermaine Dupri’s Father Files Lawsuit Against Bow Wow and Black Promoters for Trademark Infringement


Michael Mauldin, the father of renowned producer Jermaine Dupri, has taken legal action against rapper Bow Wow and the Black Promoters Collective, alleging trademark infringement and other grievances. Court documents obtained by AllHipHop reveal that the lawsuit revolves around the unauthorized use of the trademarked name “Scream Tour” for a new tour launched in 2023.

Mauldin initiated the “Scream Tour” live event series in 2001 and had previously collaborated with Bow Wow for the inaugural Scream Tour and subsequent editions. The lawsuit asserts that Bow Wow, as a longtime client of Mr. Mauldin, was unquestionably aware of the “Scream Tour” trademark.

The Black Promoters Collective, in partnership with Gary Guidry’s G Squared Productions, allegedly attempted to trademark “Scream Tour” after their involvement in promoting the Millenium Tour, which featured Bow Wow and other artists. Despite their familiarity with Mauldin’s brand and previous warnings regarding trademark infringement, the promoters pursued the registration of “Scream Tour.”

The lawsuit states, “Upon Mauldin Brand’s discovery of Defendants’ use of the Infringing Marks, Mauldin Brand sent some or all of the Defendants a cease and desist letter regarding their use of the Infringing Marks. Despite receiving notice and having prior notice, Defendants chose to continue using the Infringing Marks and pursuing the U.S. trademark applications for the Infringing Marks.”

In 2023, Bow Wow acquired an ownership stake in the Black Promoters Collective’s Scream Tour, which, according to Mauldin, caused complications when he attempted to relaunch his own Scream Tour.

“In May 2023, shortly after the United States government lifted its COVID-19 travel restrictions, Mauldin Brand hired a tour router and discussed plans for the next SCREAM TOUR™ live music performance events and tour with several entertainment and production companies,” Mauldin’s lawyer explained. “However, the Infringing Goods and Services being offered by the Defendants have sowed consumer confusion in the music industry and have disrupted Mauldin Brand’s plans for the next SCREAM TOUR™ live music performance events and tour.”

Mauldin has requested a Georgia court to prohibit Bow Wow, the Black Promoters Collective, and associated parties from using the “Scream Tour” name. He contends that failing to do so would result in “irreparable harm, damage, and injury” to his brand.

The lawsuit seeks damages and an injunction against the defendants, with Mauldin emphasizing that their unauthorized use of marks resembling the “Scream Tour”
trademark has harmed his brand’s interests and goodwill. He also seeks a trial by jury to address the matter comprehensively.

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Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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