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Joe Budden Confirms Altercation at Strip Club Amid Rumors


Podcaster and media personality Joe Budden has confirmed that he was involved in an altercation over the weekend at a strip club in New York. The incident allegedly followed comments he made about his colleague, Taxstone, and the 35-year prison sentence Taxstone received for his involvement in a fatal 2016 shooting. YouTuber Jamil Lindsey shared details about the fight, reportedly obtained from credible sources, explaining that Budden had criticized Taxstone and stated that he deserved his prison sentence.

According to Lindsey’s account, the incident took place in a Queens strip club. Budden’s assailants were reportedly upset by the comments he made on his platform. Lindsey mentioned that Budden was said to have told Taxstone to “suck his d**k” and commented on Taxstone deserving his prison sentence. The altercation resulted from these exchanges, with people allegedly chanting Taxstone’s name during the fight.

Lindsey also claimed to have footage of the incident but stated he would only release it if someone purchased it. As rumors about the alleged altercation circulated, associates of Joe Budden spoke out in his defense. Tony Robinson, a friend and former athlete, clarified that Budden was unharmed and urged people not to believe the rumors of a “jumping.”

Joe Budden himself commented on the situation during a live stream hosted by a friend. He denied the rumors of getting “jumped” and mentioned that someone had “cocked back and socked him one good time.” Budden emphasized that he wasn’t significantly harmed and humorously said, “Don’t believe the hype…wet floor saved his life, man”.

While the altercation’s exact trigger remains uncertain, it’s clear that Budden and Taxstone had engaged in an online feud prior to the incident. They exchanged heated remarks online, with Budden criticizing Taxstone’s character and denouncing him as “soft, fragile, insecure.” Taxstone, for his part, refrained from implicating himself in the altercation, responding to a call to “call off the wolves” with a cryptic message.

The incident underscores the ongoing tension between Budden and Taxstone and their history of public disputes. Amid the rumors and speculation, it remains important to rely on verified information about the situation.

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Derek Chan – Editor


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