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Jonathan Majors Faces Damning Text Messages as Assault Trial Unfolds


In a surprising turn of events, the ongoing trial of actor Jonathan Majors has taken a dramatic twist as his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, presented text messages in court that suggest a history of alleged physical altercations between the two. Majors, known for his roles in “Lovecraft Country” and “Creed III,” had previously been arrested in March on charges of assaulting Jabbari, a claim he vehemently denies. However, the newly revealed text messages shed light on a series of troubling incidents.

The courtroom revelations emerged on December 8, 2023, during Jabbari’s final day on the stand. Text messages exchanged in September of the previous year between Majors and Jabbari indicated a disturbing interaction following an alleged attack. Majors reportedly warned Jabbari about the consequences of seeking medical attention, stating, “They will ask you questions, and as I don’t think you actually protect us, it could lead to an investigation even if you do lie, and they suspect something”.

Jabbari, visibly emotional, shared her response with the court, expressing her intention to downplay the incident to medical professionals. The exchange unveiled a dynamic in which Jabbari felt compelled to protect Majors despite her own well-being.

Earlier in the trial, Jabbari accused Majors of pressuring her to emulate figures like Coretta Scott King and Michelle Obama, making sacrifices for him. She further claimed that Majors would resort to threatening suicide when upset. Text messages from six months before the March 2023 incident revealed Majors contemplating suicide, stating, “Maybe I’m such a monster and horrible man, I don’t deserve it. And I should just kill myself”.

The defense initially deemed these messages inadmissible, but they were later accepted as evidence after cross-examination. However, specific details of the September 2022 incident were not disclosed to the jury due to trial restrictions.

Throughout the revelation of these distressing messages, Majors maintained a stoic demeanor, showing no visible emotion. If convicted, the actor could face up to a year in prison. The trial continues to unravel the complex dynamics of the relationship between Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabbari, bringing to light previously undisclosed facets that may influence the final verdict.

Written by
Derek Chan – Editor


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