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Judge Delays Keefe D’s $750K Bond Decision in 2Pac Murder Case Amid Investigation


Keefe D faces further uncertainty in his quest for bond approval in connection to 2Pac’s murder case, as Judge Carli Kierny has postponed the ruling pending a thorough investigation.

During a recent hearing on Tuesday, Clark County District Court Judge Kierny expressed skepticism regarding the source of Keefe’s $750,000 bond, which the accused murderer claimed to have secured funds for. The judge emphasized the need to review financial records before making a decision on whether Keefe would be released pending trial.

The involvement of controversial manager Cash “Wack 100” Jones added complexity to the situation, as Jones asserted on Instagram that he had finalized Keefe D’s bond by paying a substantial sum to secure an insurance company’s backing. However, differing accounts emerged, with prosecutors suggesting that Jones’ payment was motivated by a desire to secure an interview with the suspect rather than solely assisting with the bond.

Judge Kierny expressed doubts about the defense’s arguments and emphasized the potential connection between the bail payment and Keefe discussing Mr. Shakur’s murder. Although Jones acknowledged his interest in interviewing Keefe, he claimed it was intended for a post- trial period, with proceedings set to commence in November.

As Keefe’s attorneys had previously submitted a request for house arrest in January, citing their client’s poor health and non-flight risk status, the judge has yet to provide a timeline for a final decision on the bond issue. This development follows earlier denials of leniency requests for Keefe, deemed too dangerous for bail in late 2023 as per documents from TMZ.

Written by
Derek Chan


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