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Justine Lindsay: The NFL’s First Transgender Cheerleader Paves the Way for the Next Generation


Justine Lindsay, aged 31, is shattering barriers as the NFL’s first transgender cheerleader, and her journey is about more than just personal achievement. Lindsay, now in her second season as an NFL cheerleader with the Carolina Panthers, made her announcement on Instagram in March 2022, describing the surreal moment when she received the call from TopCats director Chandalae Lanouette. But for Lindsay, this journey is about inspiring the younger generation, demonstrating that dreams can become realities.

Speaking to Elle Magazine, Lindsay expressed her desire to transform the narrative for transgender individuals and encourage them to pursue their goals. She likened her role as an NFL cheerleader to that of a doctor or nurse, emphasizing that any dream is attainable. Her aspiration extends beyond personal success; Lindsay hopes to open doors for other members of the transgender community.

In Lindsay’s own words, “Everything that I’m going through now, it’s bigger than me.” She believes she is setting the stage for future generations, determined that nothing will halt their progress. Despite North Carolina passing the Fairness in Women’s Sport Act in April, which aims to restrict biological male transgender athletes from competing against biological female athletes in designated school sports, Lindsay remains resolute in her mission to challenge these barriers.

“I will fight this until I can’t fight anymore,” Lindsay declared, expressing her sadness at the existence of such restrictions. Her journey as an NFL cheerleader, however, is a testament to resilience and the pursuit of dreams.

In 2022, Lindsay spoke with BuzzFeed News about her groundbreaking achievement, emphasizing the importance of breaking stereotypes. “We are not just sexual beings. We are actual human beings who want to better ourselves,” she asserted. Lindsay is determined to spread this message to the world, highlighting that her accomplishment is a source of pride.

While Lindsay’s presence in the NFL has been welcomed by many Panthers fans, it has also sparked backlash. However, she responded to criticism on social media, commending the Panthers organization for its unwavering support. Lindsay expressed her gratitude for an organization that embraces diversity, and she stands proudly alongside her fellow TopCats members, emphasizing that they earned their spots on the squad.

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