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Kanye West Faces Distribution Challenges for Upcoming Album Release


Kanye West is gearing up for the release of his highly-anticipated album with Ty Dolla $ign, but there are notable obstacles in his path. It appears that securing distribution for his album has become a daunting task due to his recent controversies.

TMZ Reports:

Kanye West is reportedly on the verge of dropping a new album, featuring a collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, which is essentially ready to be unleashed upon the world. However, the primary issue at hand is determining who will assist him in bringing this album to the masses.

Billboard has noted that Kanye has fresh music on the horizon, including this joint project with Ty Dolla $ign. This release marks his return to the spotlight since his divisive statements in the past year, which led to him being distanced from many influential figures in Hollywood.

The aftermath of these controversies appears to be affecting Kanye West’s ability to secure a suitable distribution channel for his album. Nevertheless, he is not without options, as Billboard reports that he is currently weighing offers from five smaller and lesser-known distribution companies.

One of the notable offers comes from a music publishing company called Too Lost, which was established just a few years ago and already holds the rights to Kanye’s music on YouTube. Now, it seems they are making a bid to collaborate with him on a full-fledged album.

While the identities of the other four offers remain undisclosed, Billboard states that Kanye West is expected to make a decision shortly. The album is set to be released in the coming weeks, with the aim of reaching the broadest audience possible through major streaming platforms.

Speaking of which, Billboard cites sources indicating that every major record label is currently hesitant to associate with Kanye due to his past controversies, particularly his comments related to anti-Jewish rhetoric in 2022. These remarks are at the forefront of record executives’ concerns, especially considering the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

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